Pilates helps many of our Osteopathic patients to improve posture and overall flexibility. Increasing core stability is particularly helpful for back pain sufferers. A combination of Pilates and Osteopathy will ensure the best possible combination of muscular and skeletal treatment and rehabilitation. Helen Smith is a highly qualified Pilates Instructor, professional and thorough in her approach. I am happy to recommend her to all my patients. I use Pilates as an integral part of my own fitness regime to improve my sports performance and prevent work-related repetitive injuries.
Stuart Bentley, Osteopath, Yarm Osteopaths

I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes. Thank-you for your knowledge, skill and humour! Pilates has changed my life thanks to you!!
Bernice Turnbull, Stockton on Tees

The Pilates classes are so good in that everyone can work at their own level – it can be challenging, but most enjoyable!
Kate Ward, Egglescliffe

I believe strongly in the benefits of Pilates.  It is useful for those wishing to reduce the symptoms of back problems, in preparation for surgery or as a form of rehabilitative exercise.  Pilates is also a great way to maintain a strong, healthy back.  I have no hesitation in recommending Helen Smith as a professional and well-qualified teacher.  She has brought about effective results in my patients. 
Manoj Krishna, Consultant Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon

Whether you are a Pilates beginner or are at an advanced level, Helen Smith manages to tailor her classes to make them all inclusive, good fun and yet achieve a sense of inner and outer balance and calm. I have, as a result, improved my all-round flexibility, balance and core strength.
Sue Maguire, Osmotherley

Helen’s style of teaching and wonderfully individual way of explaining and naming the ‘moves’, suits me very well!
Cath Boden, Kirklevington

After my recent hip-replacement, my physiotherapist said “Your Pilates Instructor has done a good job on you. It explains why you are so mobile!” I am doing very, very well.
Muriel Cowen, Ingleby Arncliffe

Helen is a committed and professional tutor. Her innovative style and warm personal approach make her classes interesting and challenging as well as fun in a friendly environment.
Tamsin Powles, Osmotherley

I am a septagenarian, who at the start of my seventh decade, discovered Pilates and Helen Smith. From being crippled with back pain for years and surviving on prescription painkillers, am now lithe and lissom as a woman half my age – thanks to Helen
Lorna Richardson, West Harlsey

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