FullSizeRenderVanessa Robinson – Osteopath

“My mission is to get 2000 people out of pain, strengthened & in optimum condition to become confidently active & able to get the most out of their lives.”

Typically I work with clients who are struggling with multiple areas of pain and feel as if they are spiralling into decrepitude. I help them feel fitter, taller and stronger and reconnect with their long-forgotten inner superhero.

I help my clients achieve this using my unique 3-step system which incorporates osteopathic manipulative techniques alongside exercises to help maintain good posture and strength.   Plus I give clients advice on diet, lifestyle and ergonomics all aimed at improving their quality of life and general health.

If you are/know of someone who may be curious to find out more about how I can help please contact me Vanessa@cathedralosteopaths.co.uk or call 01765 540026

I am available at The Pilates Studio, Yarm on Thursday mornings and at my clinic in Ripon on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.  For further information please visit my website:


FFI on osteopathy please visit https://www.osteopathy.org.uk/home/



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