Referral to the Programme

You may be referred to our Back4Good classes by your medical practitioner, such as your GP or physiotherapist.  Your Back4Good Practitioner will liaise with your GP to facilitate your referral and to plan the best programme for you.

You can opt to join the ‘Group’ Programme (small group classes, with  a maximum of 10 clients) which offers a structured exercise programme for 8 weeks, or the ‘One-to-One’ Programme (which also includes a movement assessment and personalised exercise plan).

In both cases, your Practitioner will take you through a thorough enrolment process to ensure that you get maximum benefit from your Back4Good sessions.  Both programmes will be tailored to your own specific needs.

We promote a ‘Get Active’ programme for our clients as a way of continuing to exercixe when away from Back4Good classes.

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